Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Goals

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I thought this new blog would be the perfect place to set a few monthly goals for myself. Nothing too crazy, but I feel like this is a public way to remain accountable to myself :)
I'll update at the end of the month with both my successes and failures.
  1. Do all my assignments BEFORE their due dates and NOT the day of.

    Yup, I'm a REALLY BAD procrastinator, and I need to stop. Fortunately there are only a few assignments left before the end of this year and then I'm done until September. *small victory dance*
  2. Finish the reorganizing the study

    I know this one seems like a given, especially considering my last post was all about this project, but I have a very bad tendency of starting a large project, getting overwhelmed or disinterested half way through, and giving up on it. Not this time though! ... i hope!
  3. Do my Taxes

    I usually put it off until the last week in April (see above comment re: procrastinating, haha) but I could definitely use that refund this year!
  4. Make a Skirt

    I keep saying I'll get back into sewing, so once I'm done revamping the study, I think this will be the perfect, quick, project to get back into the swing of things and christen the new space.

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