Friday, March 15, 2013


Watching… The Face. I flipping love reality TV, and this show's no exception. Coco, Karolina, Naomi AND Nigel Barker? I'm in model heaven. Oh and Naomi's shit-fits are thoroughly entertaining.

Enjoying… Lazy evenings with the man and my 3 furry children. I know I should be more productive when I get home, but lately we've been taking it easy, and I think it's much needed.

Planning… How I'm going to fit in study time during April... the tax month from hell.

Excited for… Coco's 2nd birthday this Saturday! We'll be making doggie treats from scratch for the first time which should be awesomeness... I can eat them too, right?

Cooking… Besides dog treats? Whatever's fast. I've been in super lazy mode lately, so it usually just involves throwing some kind of protein in the oven and a quick salad.

Pinning… Booze inspired kitchen art. Both fun AND fitting. 

Inspired by… Those crazy do-it-all women. Seriously. Where do you find the time?! Between work, school, and housework, I can barely find time to do it all... I could just imagine what life would be like with kids. I'd never have a free moment!

Remembering… the beach in Mexico this past January. *sigh* one week is never long enough for a vacation.

Originally seen on My Pretty Pennies. If this is your creation, feel free to msg me and I'll give due credit :)

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