Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Crazy Criticisms

I'm a pretty critical person, and I'm aware of it.

I like to blame my family a little bit for this one, as unfair as that may be. You could be good, but there was always room to be better... at least according to them.

Is it hereditary?

I do it to my live-in boyfriend all the time and I can't help it. It's like word vomit, it just comes out. I almost have this out of body experience where I can SEE myself doing it, and I think "no! stop! don't!" but it's too late.

Now that the tables have turned, I can see things from his perspective a little more clearly...

Nothing I do at my new job is ever right. I'm watched like a hawk, and the tiniest of slip-ups (we're talking calling an "index" a "table of contents" in a conversation) I get reemed out for.

I get it, people like it when things are done a certain way, especially in their own domain. But there has to be a nicer way to say it, right? It's hard to have your self-confidence in your abilities ripped away from you for such insignificant things.

Maybe I should ease up on the bf the next time he's in my domain (cleaning the house) and let him do things his own way... as long as the end result is achieved, who cares what methods got you there?

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