Monday, April 8, 2013

April Goals

Before we delve into what April may hold, let's look back and see what I've actually accomplished in March...

March Goals:
  1. Do all my assignments before their due dates: Well I am officially caught up and DONE all my assignments! WOO! Just an exam to stress about now...
  2. Finish the Office Redesign: DONE! And there will be a whole post on it's new found awesome-ness coming in the next few days.
  3. Taxes: Not so much... I was a bad girl. But I SWEAR it'll be done this week.
  4. Sewing Project: Okay, I didn't make it to this one either... but now that my space is all revamped, I can't wait to use it for it's actual purpose!
Alright, I accomplished half. Not a win, but not a total loss either. Hopefully I fare better this month, so lets check out my new goals!

I've decided to choose categories and pick one goal for each.

Create a study plan for this month and sick with it.

My Exam is May 8th, and because it's tax season I'll be working every Saturday in April. This means that with only one "free" day a week, I really need to plan well to make sure I adequately study every area the exam will cover.

Find the "perfect job" within the next 30 days.

Crazy? Maybe. Likely? Hopefully.
I'm going to put myself out there an knock on some doors.... we'll see what happens :)

Potty train our new addition.

yup, my home has officially turned into a zoo. We welcomed a 10 week old mini Daschund into our family this past Friday and she's had quite a few accidents. I'm hoping Coco can show her the ropes and that by the end of the month we'll have a "good girl" on our hands!

Learn how to use my DSLR

I've had it for over two years now and I still have no idea what F-Stops, Aperture, or ISO do. I should probably work on that... any suggestions?

So there you have it, a new set of goals for a new month ahead.
Do you readers have any tips on how to stick to your goals?

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  1. I adore the fact that you are keeping monthly goals and tracking them. This makes for a great year!!